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Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Royal Enfield designed the Hunter with newer riders in mind. Harris Performance-designed twin down tube spine frames support its neo-retro bodywork in both Retro and Metro versions, giving this bike agility and confidence for riding new routes.

The Hunter bike offers access, affordability and customization at an accessible price point; an approach which has proven successful in India as well as North America.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350Engine

Royal Enfield has earned itself an exclusive place in motorcycling over recent years by offering aspirational motorcycles that are both accessible and customisable. Their Hunter 350 maintains this trend with its 350cc single engine and lighter chassis design; rather than be an exact clone of its Classic or Meteor counterparts, this bike was tailored specifically for younger audiences.

For example, the Hunter RE is the first RE to come standard with 17-inch wheels at both ends, featuring CEAT rubber as a default fitment option; however, its universal wheel sizing opens up an array of customization possibilities so you can tailor it exactly how you like.

At the core of the Hunter lies an air-cooled long stroke 349cc J-series single engine which generates 20.2 brake horsepower and 27 newton meters of torque – this power is then delivered via a five-speed constant mesh gearbox to power its rear wheel.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Royal Enfield Hunter 350Design

Royal Enfield has made waves in the motorcycling world over recent years, becoming increasingly popular with younger riders looking for smaller displacement bikes with plenty of personality. Now they are making another entry with the Hunter 350 into this market segment.

This model makes use of the Harris Performance chassis found on both Classic and Meteor models, but is tailored more towards young riders by including lighter frame and wheels that contribute to its claimed 400-lb curb weight – 30 pounds less than both Classic and Meteor models!

This makes the Hunter one of the lightest motorcycles available today and it marks RE’s debut modern RE model offering factory-fit 17-inch wheels at both ends; out-of-box they come fitted with CEAT tires; however they can easily be swapped out for something more aggressive if desired. Furthermore, its 13 liter tank will last 250 miles before needing fill ups – helping make long rides less strenuous.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350Comfort

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 motorcycles are designed to navigate urban environments. As such, their flexible front and rear suspension has been tuned specifically to maintain comfort over bumpy terrain as you maneuver your way through traffic.

Royal Enfield set out to build a bike that was both easy and confident for younger audiences and newcomers to motorcycling; their team at Royal Enfield did just that with this model. And it has certainly achieved that aim!

This single-cylinder engine boasts the trademark Enfield thumper sound with less vibration than you’ll find on other 350cc models. With new 17-inch rims reducing unsprung weight and providing greater traffic maneuverability. Softer tail section helps stability while the neutral riding triangle offers comfort even with my 27-inch inseam sitting comfortably on stock seat. Plus with a fuel capacity of 3.4 gallons long days on the saddle are indeed possible!

Factory Black

Royal Enfield Hunter 350Safety

The Hunter 350 features an adjustable suspension with low center of gravity to ensure a stable ride on either highways or traffic jams, plus its large fuel tank with its “Eco” readout on its digital instrument console ensure long rides don’t require frequent pit stops for fuel replenishment.

Royal Enfield bills its 2023 Hunter as “maximum motorcycling per square inch,” making clear that this bike caters to riders looking for a motorcycle that provides maximum motorcycling per square inch and becomes part of their personality. As the first modern RE to use 17-inch wheels at both ends, this motorcycle cuts unsprung weight by 3.1kg for greater agility over its J-series stablemates; additionally, its wheelbase is shorter and its steering rake angle sharpened for easier manoeuvrability.

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