Kia Ray EV : This electric car will run 233Km in just 40 minutes of charge, launched for just Rs.

Kia Ray EV

Kia Ray EV South Korean car manufacturer Kia is launching its new electric car which is a compact4 is a seater car, The company has launched it in the global market, The company has introduced it in the market as an affordable family car., It has a very good battery, Whereas 233 km will give a range of, There is no answer to this economical car in terms of price and range.,Currently, the company has launched this car in its home market South Korea., Let’s see its price and features

Kia Ray EV Specifications 

Kia Ray Specifications- This electric car is a perfect 4 seater family car, Its look and design is quite different, And it is also being liked a lot by the people., It has a lithium ferro phosphate battery. Due to which this car 233 km gives a range of, Let’s see all the information related to this car in detail.

Kia Rey EV Interior

Kia Rey EV Interior- this one 4 seater family Is, The option of light gray and black color combination is available in its interior. In this 10.25 Inch large instrument cluster is given, Also it has folding seat A Cwinds, window power switch and 12W Charging socket is also available, You can also increase the leg space by folding the front seats.

Kia Ray EV

Kia Rey EV Battery

Kia Rey EV Battery- In this compact electric car32.2 kWh Lithium ferro phosphate battery with capacity of, Due to which the electric motor given in it 86 hp power output and 147 nm Generates torque of, The company says that once fully charged this car will be in good road condition.210 km gives a range of


Kia Rey EV Charger

Kia Rey EV Charger- In this compact electric car 150 Kilowatt fast charger is provided, By using this fast charger this car only 40 in a minute 80 up to percent keeps getting charged, along with this a7 Kilowatt charger is also available, which charges very slowly, With this charge, the car can be fully charged in at least 6 it takes hours

Kia Ray EV


The Kia Ray EV is a small electric car that was launched in South Korea in August 2023. It is based on the gasoline-powered Kia Ray, but it has a number of modifications to make it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Key features of the Kia Ray EV include:

  • 32.2 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack
  • 64.3 kW electric motor
  • 205 km (127 miles) of range (city)
  • 161 km (100 miles) of range (combined)
  • 86 horsepower
  • 147 Nm of torque
  • DC fast charging capability (10 to 80% in 40 minutes)
  • Level 2 AC charging capability (full charge in 6 hours)
  • 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster
  • 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility
  • Available in six colors


The Kia Ray EV has a cute and stylish design. It features a closed-off grille, LED headlights, and 14-inch alloy wheels. The car is available in six colors: white, black, silver, blue, yellow, and pink.


The Kia Ray EV has a spacious and comfortable cabin for its size. It features a black and gray theme, fabric upholstery, and a number of storage compartments. The car also has a panoramic sunroof, which is a rare feature in this segment.


The Kia Ray EV is not a performance car, but it is peppy enough for city driving. The electric motor produces 86 horsepower and 147 Nm of torque, which is enough to get the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 14.3 seconds. The car has a top speed of 150 km/h.

Range and Charging

The Kia Ray EV has a range of 205 km (127 miles) in the city and 161 km (100 miles) combined. This is enough for most people’s daily commutes. The car can be fast-charged from 10 to 80% in 40 minutes using a DC fast charger. It can also be charged from empty to full in 6 hours using a Level 2 AC charger.


The Kia Ray EV is priced starting at ₩27,750,000 (approximately US$21,000) in South Korea. It is not yet available in other markets.


The Kia Ray EV is a good option for city dwellers who are looking for a small, stylish, and affordable electric car. It has a decent range, a comfortable interior, and a number of features that make it a good value for money. However, it is important to note that the car is not yet available in many markets, and its long-term reliability is unknown.

Here are some additional details about the Kia Ray EV:

  • Dimensions (mm): 3595 x 1595 x 1600
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2400
  • Ground clearance (mm): 130
  • Kerb weight (kg): 1215
  • Turning radius (m): 4.8

Kia Rey EV Launch Date & Price 

Kia Rey EV Launch Date in India- No official information was given by the company regarding launching this car in India., The company has currently launched this car in its home market South Korea, According to a report, it is being said that this car will be launched in India.2025 Will be launched by the end of, And its price is approx 7.94 starting from lakhs 9.44 will be lakhs

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