TVS iQube ST Electric Scooter is ready to be launched with its amazing features, you will be surprised to see the tremendous range of 150 km.

TVS iQube ST

TVS iQube ST launch date : TVS’s new electric scooty is ready to be launched in the Indian market. whose name is TVS i Cube ST Is. This Scooty is available in three variants in the Indian market and 6 From 7 with color option 2024 From 25 Will be launched in the Indian market between. The price of this scooty is approx 125000 Expected starting price to be. And in this scooter 145 This scooty is going to give a tremendous range of kilometers. And as soon as it is launched in the Indian market, it is going to give a tough competition to TVS iQube and many electric scootie. Further information about this electric scooter is given. 

TVS iQube ST launch date in India 

Talking about the launch of TVS iQube HD, no information has been revealed by the company but according to experts, this electric scooty will be launched in the Indian market.2024 Expected to launch by the end of. And it will be launched with great color and best price.

TVS iQube ST 

TVS iQube ST launch price 

Talking about the price of TVS EK, this Scooty will be launched in the Indian market with three variants, the starting price of which is Rs.125000 expected to be Rs. 

TVS iQube ST Feature list 

If we talk about the features of this electric scooter, then many features of new technology are going to be available in it such as 17.78 Centimeter TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity, GM Connectivity,call alert,sms alert, geo fencing, usb charging port, music control, external speakers, speedometer,odometer, clock to see time, inside the seat 17 liter storage, live location status, flip key led light, Like many facilities are going to be provided in this electric scooter. 

TVS iQube ST Battery and power 

cube ST of Lithium Mirror Company in 4.56 kWh The best battery is provided. and this battery pickup power 4.4 KW Gives pickup power of. but it’s battery four hours 6 Fully charged within minutes. And once fully charged 145 It can easily calculate the range in kilometers and gives. And the top speed of this electric scooter with this battery 82 every kilometer is. 

TVS iQube ST Suspension and brake 

If we talk about the suspension and hardware of this electric scooter, then it is going to have telescopic suspension at the front and adjustable hydraulic twin shock absorber suspension at the rear. The braking system will include disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear. 

TVS iQube ST 

 TVS iQube ST Rivals 

TVS’s TVS iQube will compete directly with the Ace after its launch., Ather Energy 450X, Ather 450S Like what happens with an electric scooter.

The TVS iQube Electric features a modern design and is powered by an electric motor, offering silent and smooth operation. It comes equipped with features such as a fully digital instrument cluster, LED lighting, smartphone connectivity, and navigation assistance. The scooter is built with a focus on sustainability and efficiency, aiming to reduce emissions and contribute to cleaner urban environments.

For the latest information on the TVS iQube Electric, including its specifications, features, and availability in different markets, I recommend visiting the official TVS Motor Company website or contacting authorized dealerships for details specific to your region.

As of my last update, there isn’t a specific model named the “TVS iQube ST” that I’m aware of. It’s possible that it could be a new variant or a model released after my last update.

For the latest and most accurate information on the TVS iQube ST or any other new models from TVS Motor Company, I recommend checking their official website or contacting authorized dealerships directly. They would have the most up-to-date information on the specifications, features, and availability of the TVS iQube ST or any other new release

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