Yamaha Fascino 125 – The Force of Hybrid Innovation | Best scooter in 2024


Yamaha Fascino 125

Yamaha Fascino 125 represents hybrid innovation at its finest, offering eco-conscious performance and efficiency. Its hybrid motor combines electric and combustion power for exceptional fuel economy and reduced emissions.

At 80kmph and below, the engine runs briskly until it begins to lose steam with slight vibrations being felt.

Yamaha Fascino 125 Power

The Fascino features an air-cooled single cylinder 125cc engine which offers good power and torque. A hybrid system charges the onboard battery which aids acceleration from stops. Once in motion, however, its gas motor takes over. This enables Fascino to reach 60kph in about one second before topping out at an estimated top speed of 80kph.

The 2021 Fascino 125 also features the new Smart Motor Generator System, which works as a silent starter. Paired with its automatic stop & start system, this helps ensure the engine shuts off while idled but quickly restarts after you twist the throttle. Other key features of note include LED headlight and tail light illumination as well as full digital instrument console featuring Y-Connect Bluetooth connectivity and side stand engine cut off switch – offering comfortable riding positions even with multiple passengers onboard making this an excellent

commuting machine.

Yamaha Fascino 125

Yamaha Fascino 125 Comfort

The Fascino provides an enjoyable ride. While its suspension setup may be stiff enough to feel every bump or pothole on the road, a scooter in this segment typically does. Unfortunately, its seat squab is somewhat soft for longish journeys and you could end up with sore backside after half-an-hour.

The braking system is adequate and does its job effectively, while the 125cc engine feels refined and responsive even at high speeds.

The Fascino offers an attractive value proposition, featuring a digital instrument console and the YMCC-X app to connect it with your phone for call, SMS alerts, and other information. Furthermore, there’s an engine cutoff function on its side stand that’s especially convenient. Furthermore, drum variants feature halogen headlights while disc variants offer LED units – both offering ample underseat storage space of 21-litre capacity. All in all, the new Fascino provides plenty of additional features over its predecessor!

The Yamaha Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid is a stylish and economical scooter that is perfect for city riding. It is powered by a 125cc Blue Core engine that produces 8.2 PS of power and 10.3 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a Smart Motor Generator (SMG) that provides a boost of power when starting from a stop or accelerating. This results in peppy performance and improved fuel efficiency.

The Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid comes with a variety of features, including:

  • LED headlight
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Underseat storage
  • USB charging port
  • Y-Connect app connectivity (on select variants)
  • Disc brakes (front and rear on select variants)

The Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid is available in five variants:

  • Drum
  • Drum Deluxe
  • Disc
  • Disc Deluxe
  • Disc Dark Matte Blue Special Edition

The price of the Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid starts at Rs 80,100 (ex-showroom, Delhi) and goes up to Rs 92,830 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Yamaha Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid:


  • Stylish design
  • Peppy performance
  • Good fuel efficiency
  • Comfortable ride
  • Packed with features


  • Small fuel tank
  • No tubeless tyres
  • Not as powerful as some other 125cc scooters

Overall, the Yamaha Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid is a great option for riders who are looking for a stylish, economical, and feature-packed scooter. It is a good choice for both men and women, and it is perfect for city commuting.

Yamaha Fascino 125 Style

With its 99 kg curb weight, the Fascino scooter is light and easy to navigate in urban environments, enabling quick progression through traffic with little effort required. Unfortunately, however, its ride quality doesn’t compare favorably with more luxurious scooters such as Honda Activa 6G, Suzuki Access 125, TVS Jupiter or Hero Destini models.

The front telescopic fork and monoshock are set on the firm side, producing a somewhat uncomfortable low speed ride. At higher speeds however, the scooter remains stable while providing a somewhat comfortable experience, though not quite on par with its rivals.

The Fascino now comes equipped with LED headlights and digital instrument cluster that look much better than before; however, some features such as turn-by-turn navigation and call/message alert notifications offered by competitors remain unavailable to it.

Yamaha Fascino 125

Yamaha Fascino 125 Safety

Yamaha has included advanced hybrid technology into this scooter, including both electric power assist and regenerative braking for enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions – making the Fascino 125 an eco-friendly choice.

Fascino 125 offers a smart engine start system which automatically shuts the engine off at traffic lights before starting it with just a twist of throttle, and features a side stand engine cut off system as an added safety measure.

The Fascino 125 features front telescopic fork and rear Unit Swing suspension that provide a comfortable ride, with tubeless tires providing optimal grip in urban conditions.

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