What is D2M Technology How Can You Watch Videos Live TV Without Internet connection Explained

What is D2M Technology

Technologie will be very beneficial in those areas where network coverage is very low or internet is expensive.

special things video of traffic 25-30% D2M from coming in5G Technology will remove interruptions in the network Saankhya Labs And IIT This technology has been developed by Kanpur and can be used in many fields in future.

Mobile users will soon be able to stream videos without a SIM card or internet connection, because why directtoMobile broadcasting could become a reality. The central government says that domestic directtoMobile (D2M) Technology trial soon 19 Will be done in cities. video of traffic 25-30 Percent D2M from being transferred to5G Network interruption will also be removed. Although, after all this D2M What is technology and how can a person live without it? SimCan stream video or live TV on your mobile using card or internet connection? Let us know.

In June last year, IIT-Kanpur in collaboration with Prasar Bharati and Telecom Development Society D2M on broadcasting And white paper was issued, In which everything about it is explained in detail. this technology Saankhya Labs And IIT Developed by Kanpur. august 2023 in a letter in, The Ministry of Communications had also listed its use cases. It was told in which areas this technology can be used in the near future.

What is D2M technology?

D2M technology in a way FM works like a radio, Where there is a special receiver inside the phone2M can capture special radio frequencies carrying content.D2M A combination of elements of broadband and broadcast technology. Mobile phones can capture terrestrial digital TV signals using a dedicated antenna.

What is D2M Technology

Information and Broadcasting Secretary Apoorva Chandra, Government for this emerging technology 470-582 MHz Will reserve the spectrum.

According to the released paper, This technology will give users access to a wide range of multimedia content directly on their smartphones and tablets, bypassing traditional broadcast methods. Live TV channels in it, educational program, citizenfocused information, Can include emergency alerts and even entertainment content like movies and music.

Technology will prove to be very beneficial in those areas, Where network coverage is very low or internet is expensive.

What is D2M Technology

Other than this, Broadcast will use a different spectrum than mobile data, This will leave bandwidth available for other uses.

Other than this, It has also been said by the government that in India80 Accessed by millions of smartphone users 69% The content is in video format. People who have other devices like TV, Apart from providing them service, This technology nationwide approx 8-9 Ten milliontv darkWill help in reaching homes.

What is D2M Technology

D2M” could refer to various things depending on the context. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Design to Manufacture (D2M): In the context of product development, D2M refers to the process of designing a product with manufacturing considerations in mind to ensure efficient and cost-effective production.
  2. Data to Market (D2M): In marketing, D2M might refer to the process of utilizing data-driven insights to inform and optimize marketing strategies and campaigns for better market penetration and customer engagement What is D2M Technology.
  3. Digital to Mobile (D2M): This could refer to the transition or conversion of digital content, services, or experiences to be optimized for mobile devices, considering factors like screen size, user interface, and performance What is D2M Technology.
  4. Direct-to-Consumer (D2M): This pertains to businesses that sell products directly to consumers, bypassing traditional retail channels What is D2M Technology.
  5. Dynamic Digital Marketing (D2M): This could refer to marketing strategies that leverage dynamic content and personalized messaging to engage with target audiences across digital channels What is D2M Technology.

What benefits will we get from this?

The government says that this technology will benefit both smartphone users and telecom operators.D2M Technique 5G to shut down the network 25-30% Video will help drive traffic, This will help in accelerating digital development in the country and democratizing content distribution What is D2M Technology.

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