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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5

Samsung’s rugged tablet was specifically created to withstand the challenges of frontline work, offering features such as programmable keys, Knox Capture for scanning documents, and push-to-talk functionality.

The Galaxy Tab Active 5 is MIL-STD-810H certified to ensure it can withstand tough environments ranging from retail floors to industrial warehouses. Furthermore, this device boasts IP68 rating for dust and water resistance as well as being user-replaceable battery compatible.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 Specs

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 is an extremely rugged tablet designed for demanding work environments, boasting an elegant premium design, powerful performance, enterprise-ready software and security, replaceable battery with No Battery Mode support and 5G connectivity for enhanced mobile processor performance as well as increased memory capacity.

The Galaxy Tab Active 5 features a programmable key that enables you to access your most frequently-used apps quickly, and is built for everyday use. Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance and military grade construction (MIL-STD-810H), as well as boasting 5-megapixel camera resolution with dual SIM capability and an AMOLED display measuring 5.7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5.

It runs on an Exynos 1380 octa-core processor found on both the Galaxy S9 FE and A54 models (review). It boasts 6GB of RAM and can expand storage to 64/128GB with microSD cards up to four years post release of security maintenance releases.

The Galaxy Tab Active 5 features Samsung Knox with face recognition for increased security. In addition, Knox Capture makes barcode and QR code scanning simple and quick on mobile. Finally, there are various connectors including USB Type-C and POGO pins for charging purposes Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 Price

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 was just unveiled, starting at $550. You can purchase one directly from their website, with retail stores across the US also stocking this rugged tablet device that comes equipped with numerous features to help make business work more efficiently.

The rugged tablet provides a responsive touchscreen that’s easy to use with gloves, and displays designed to withstand harsh environments. Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ and Gorilla Glass 5 provide protection for their dustproof and sandproof devices; additionally they’ve been tested using sanitizers – making them suitable for frontline workers.

Employees will find themselves using their Galaxy Tab Active 5 for an array of tasks thanks to its enhanced PC connectivity. Employees will be able to transfer files quickly between mobile and PC, use it as a simultaneous screen and more. Furthermore, this device supports eSIM cards and comes equipped with built-in Pogo pin and USB-C interfaces for connecting easily with docking stations.

The Galaxy Tab Active 5 will be Samsung’s second flagship rugged tablet and is expected to debut during the first half of 2023. Compared with its predecessor, Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro, this version will boast more rugged design features and support for an S Pen stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 Release date

Samsung’s rugged tablet, the Galaxy Tab Active 5, delivers a PC-like experience on the field with its 8-inch display and S Pen support, making it ideal for frontline workers in industries requiring flexibility and optimization. The Galaxy Tab Active 5 includes barcode scanning, mobile point-of-sale, push-to-talk features and physical navigation buttons as well as fingerprint reader. IP68 dust and water resistance allows it to withstand drops on concrete surfaces from up to eight feet heights – offering users maximum security against dust, water and dust particles as well as physical navigation buttons and physical navigation buttons provide added features for frontline workers if necessary.

The new tablet runs Android 14 out of the box and is eligible for four major OS updates and five years of security updates. It comes equipped with a replaceable 5,050mAh battery and POGO pins to docking stations; connectivity features include Wi-Fi 6/5G/NFC connectivity as well as physical nano-SIM + eSIM card support (physical nanoSIM + eSIM card slots + NFC port + USB Type-C port; as well as CBRS support to create private wireless networks.

Samsung’s rugged tablet comes equipped with 13MP rear and 5MP front cameras and offers 120Hz refresh rate with Gorilla Glass 5 screen protection. Furthermore, this rugged device has IP68 rating and MIL-STD-810G compliance; thus making it suitable for logistics and healthcare environments alike. Compared to Galaxy Xcover 7 it offers less expense but has smaller, more portable design Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 Release date

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 Reliability

Galaxy Tab Active5 was specifically created to meet the demands of frontline workers, offering rugged durability and reliable performance in any environment. Equipped with an innovative large S Pen that is comfortable to use and compatible with Samsung DeX for PC-like experiences on the go. Furthermore, its replaceable battery allows users to keep working all day despite any adverse conditions they might face.

The premium display offers exceptional visibility and refresh rate in a compact frame. Furthermore, its glove-friendly interface and quick response times make it a perfect fit for outdoor applications ranging from logistics to healthcare. IP68 certification ensures shock resistance as per MIL-STD-810H as well as resistance against drops, dust and dirt accumulation; additionally it comes equipped with Knox Capture software which captures barcodes/QR codes etc securely for data entry purposes Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5.

It features the latest mobile processors and memory, making it fast enough for any task. Furthermore, its expandable storage is large enough to hold many apps, while dual SIM support enables employees to use it simultaneously with multiple accounts without worrying about syncronization issues.

The Galaxy Tab Active 5 was created to be user-friendly, featuring a design that closely resembles tablets users may already possess in their daily lives. It comes equipped with physical navigation buttons, side-mounted fingerprint scanning, a replaceable S Pen with convenient holster storage capabilities and an impressive water resistance rating: one meter of freshwater immersion and 30 minutes submersion in saltwater respectively.

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