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Kawasaki W175 Bike

Kawasaki W175 bike is an exquisite minibike that marries classic design and modern engineering. Its round headlamp, tastefully detailed fuel tank, circular mirrors and indicators, peashooter exhaust and other iconic W Series hallmarks reflect its heritage.

Zaran Mody tests out whether a retro-inspired bike can hold its own against larger and more feature-laden rivals.

Kawasaki W175 Bike Power

As its name implies, Kawasaki has taken inspiration from classic designs when creating this W175. Retro details such as large round headlamp, chrome frame and teardrop tank with circular indicators and mirrors as well as monopod instrument cluster make this bike truly timeless.

It features a 177cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine which delivers 13 PS of power at 7,500rpm and 13.2Nm at 6,000rpm, offering you plenty of torque during city rides. Furthermore, its refined and smooth engine makes for pleasant city riding experiences.

This bike offers ample torque for effortlessly zipping through traffic, as well as being suitable for two-up riding. Additionally, its skinny tires and soft brakes help cushion bumps rather than cause anxiety when taking winding roads.

The W175 is designed solely to deliver a fun riding experience and provides no distractions such as smartphone connectivity or app-based features. As a budget offering, its sole objective is providing riders with an outstanding riding and handling experience.

Kawasaki W175 Bike Fuel economy

Kawasaki’s 177cc single-cylinder engine provides ample power for city riding and commuting, featuring a balancer which reduces vibrations to provide a stress-free riding experience. There’s plenty of torque available at low and mid range to enable W175 to easily glide through traffic jams without slowing down.

This BS-6 engine produces 13 horsepower at 7,500rpm and 13.2 Nm of torque. The engine is coupled with a 5-speed transmission system for optimal performance and refinement.

This bike rides on skinny Ceat tyres that offer excellent grip. Additionally, its lightweight frame and uncluttered layout add to its enjoyable riding experience.

This bike features an asymmetric semi-digital retro speedometer with odometer and trip metre functions, as well as an attractive W emblem on the speedometer face for classic styling. Furthermore, both its front disc brake featuring single channel ABS as well as rear drum brake provide reliable stopping power.

Kawasaki W175 Bike Refinement

The Kawasaki W175 bike is an enchanting retro motorcycle, boasting charm, affordability and unique characteristics. Now with alloy wheels, new colours and reduced pricing it is even more appealing.

India-specific version differs slightly from global model in several aspects, including smaller tank, pea-shooter exhaust system and exposed mechanicals which give it more compact yet raw look.

But this classic bike still looks classic with its round chrome headlamp, teardrop-shaped fuel tank, simple tail lamp and boxy side panel. Additionally, it feels very refined around town thanks to a pleasing purr and straightforward acceleration.

W175 boasts a smaller chassis with tubular cradle frame, tubular fork, telescopic fork and twin shock suspension that allows it to transition smoothly through corners without much drama or impact. A wide seat for two-up riding makes for an enjoyable ride; and although its skinny Ceat tyres may not provide optimal highway riding experiences, they provide ample grip and feedback to the rider.


Kawasaki W175 Bik  Safety

Kawasaki is making strides in taking the retro bike segment away from Bajaj with the W175 retro bike, boasting new alloy wheels and flashy colors as well as reduced pricing that should leave little room for criticism.

The 177cc single-cylinder engine has been tuned to provide plenty of torque for city riding, while an engine balancer helps control unwanted vibrations for improved ride quality.

Front brakes feature a disc with single channel ABS, while at the back there is a drum unit.

Even when set on a soft suspension setting, this vehicle’s suspension is capable of easily soaking up small bumps and potholes. A pea-shooter exhaust adds retro charm, while simple instrumentation includes an asymmetric semi-digital speedometer paired with trip meter and an odometer.


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