TVS Sport You will be surprised to see the mileage of TVS Sport, it runs 5 km in ₹ 20, such a powerful engine, know the complete details.

TVS Sport

TVS Sport mileage: Is another mileage bike in the Indian market which is in the news due to its excellent mileage.. This bike is available in the Indian market with three variants and color options.. and this bike 77,795 You can take it home with a price of Rs.. This sports bike of TVS will give you 68 Calculates mileage in kilometers and gives. Which turns out to be a very good mileage. Further information about this bike is given. 

TVS Sport On road price 

Bike is available in the Indian market with three variants, the price of the first variant is in Delhi.70,646 it’s a thousand rupees. And the price of its other variants 77,795 It is four rupees and the price of the third variant of this bike is 85,166 it’s a thousand rupees. And this bike is available in Indian market 7 Available with great color options. 

TVS Sport feature list 

If we talk about the features of this bike, it has many new technology features like analog instrument console., speedometer,odometer,trip meter, halogen bulb,tail light bulb,In its special feature ETF Technology, And many features are provided in this bike, which you can easily avail by purchasing this bike.

TVS Sport

TVS Sport Engine 

To power the , it 109 CC’s single cylinder four stroke fuel injected air cooled engine is given in this bike.. which this bike 8.7 Nm with 4500 Provides maximum torque by generating RPM.And the max power of this engine 8.29 PS But 7350 rpm The maximum power it produces is. And this bike is provided with four gear boxes.

TVS Sport mileage 

Talking about the mileage of sports bike, this bike has 10  liter tank is provided which comes with this excellent engine.70 KM/L Gives mileage by calculating liters per kilometer. 

TVS Sport suspension and brake 

To perform the suspension and braking functions of , it is provided with telescopic oil suspension at the front and five-step adjustable hydraulic shock absorber suspension at the rear.. To perform the braking function, it is provided with drum brakes on both the wheels.

TVS Sport Rivals 

bike directly competes with Bajaj Platina 125, TVS Radeon, Bikes like Honda Dio.

The  is a popular commuter motorcycle produced by TVS Motor Company, one of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers. Here’s some information about the.

TVS Sport

  1. Design and Style: The TVS Sport features a sleek and ergonomic design suitable for daily commuting. It typically has a sporty appearance with bold graphics and color options.
  2. Engine: The motorcycle is powered by a fuel-efficient engine designed to deliver good performance while also ensuring excellent fuel economy. The engine displacement and specifications may vary depending on the specific model and variant.
  3. Mileage: One of the key highlights of the TVS Sport is its fuel efficiency. It is known for offering impressive mileage, making it an ideal choice for commuters who prioritize fuel economy.
  4. Features: While the TVS Sport is designed primarily for utility and efficiency, it also offers some basic features for rider convenience and comfort. These may include a digital or analog instrument console, electric start option, alloy wheels, tubeless tires, and more, depending on the variant.
  5. Price: The TVS Sport is positioned as an affordable commuter motorcycle, making it accessible to a wide range of customers. The price may vary depending on factors such as the variant, location, and any additional features or accessories.
  6. Popularity: The TVS Sport is a popular choice in the commuter motorcycle segment in India due to its reliability, fuel efficiency, and competitive pricing. It competes with other commuter bikes from brands like Hero MotoCorp, Honda, Bajaj, and others.
  7. Variants: TVS may offer different variants of the Sport with varying features, engine options, and price points to cater to different customer preferences and market segments.

Overall, the is known for its practicality, affordability, and efficiency, making it a preferred choice for daily commuting needs in the Indian market.

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