Activa 6G shook Jupiter’s system, just take it home at such a low price, know the complete details

Activa 6G

Honda Activa 6G price : The most liked scooty in the Indian market is Honda Activa. 6g Is. Which is famous in the market because of its amazing style.. this scooty109 It is a wonderful scooter which comes in CC engine and gives very good performance. If you buy this cotton at this time I want to buy at. So this can also prove to be a very good opportunity. If more information about this amazing scooter is given. 

Activa 6G Price

Delhi on-road price of its standard variant in the Indian market.88,819 it’s a thousand rupees.and this scooty 5 Comes with variants out of which the price of the top variant of this scooter is 95,915 it’s a thousand rupees.And in this scooter 7 From 8 Excellent color options are offered which give great look and design to this scooty.

Activa 6G EMI plan

If you want to buy its standard variant and you do not have that much cash, then you can use it.I Can also be bought with plane in which ₹9000 After making down payment of36 for the month 9.7 with interest rate 2,619 Installment of thousand rupees will be made. Note that these plans may vary depending on your city and state and for details contact your nearest dealer. 


Honda Activa 6G Features

If we look at the features of this Scooty, it has many features like Bluetooth connectivity inside the display. digital speedometer,digital odometer, Tachometer, digital trip meter, And its special feature is shutter lock, smart key,start with silent ACG,Esp technology, Many facilities like storage inside the seat are provided in this scooty.

Activa 6G Engine

Honda Active If we talk about its engine, it has 109 CC fan cooled four stock and The engine is controlled with. max talk 8.90 Nm with@ 5500 rpm Ki Max provides torque power. and its max power7.84 PS But@ 8000 rpm goes up to the high power of

Activa 6G Mileage

Honda activa is a great scooty which gives very good performance. In this scooty with this engine 5.3 liter tank is provided. and with this 50 Gives mileage by liter per kilometre. 

Activa 6G Suspension and brake 

To perform the functions of suspension and brakes of this scooter, telescopic suspension has been used at the front. And it is paired with adjustable spring loaded hydraulic suspension at the rear. Apart from this, both the wheels are equipped with drum brakes to perform the function of braking. 

comparison between active 6g and activa 125

This magnificent scooty competes with the Indian Jupiter, Suzuki Access 125 ,NTORQ 125 like a scooter

The Honda Activa 6G is a 109.51cc scooter that is available in five variants: Standard, Deluxe, H-Smart, Deluxe Limited Edition, and H-Smart Limited Edition. It is powered by a BS6-compliant engine that produces 7.73 horsepower and 8.90 Nm of torque. The Activa 6G has a fuel tank capacity of 5.3 liters and a claimed fuel efficiency of 50 kmpl.

The Activa 6G is equipped with drum brakes on both the front and rear wheels. It also has a combined braking system (CBS) that applies both brakes when the foot brake is pressed. The scooter has a telescopic front suspension and a 3-step adjustable rear suspension.

The standard variant of the Activa 6G comes with features such as a halogen headlamp, an analog instrument cluster, and a steel wheel. The Deluxe variant adds a chrome exhaust muffler, a grab rail, and a seat cover. The H-Smart variant gets all the features of the Deluxe variant, plus a smart key with H-Smart technology, a fully digital instrument cluster, and an external fuel filler. The Deluxe Limited Edition and H-Smart Limited Edition variants get all the features of the Deluxe and H-Smart variants, respectively, plus a special paint job and graphics.

The Honda Activa 6G is a popular choice for commuters in India due to its fuel efficiency, reliability, and comfortable ride. It is also a relatively affordable scooter, with prices starting at ₹70,569 (ex-showroom).

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Honda Activa 6G:


  • Fuel efficient
  • Reliable
  • Comfortable ride
  • Affordable
  • Many features (depending on variant)


  • Drum brakes only (no disc option)
  • No digital instrument cluster (standard variant)
  • No underseat storage light
  • No USB charger

Overall, the Honda Activa 6G is a good option for those looking for a fuel-efficient, reliable, and comfortable scooter. However, if you are looking for a scooter with more features or better performance, you may want to consider other options.

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